S&FMA Endowment News

Our 2015 Royal Court

Congratulations to the fabulous 2015 Royal Court crowned at our Abominaball held on December 16, 2104: King: Michael Kahn, Queen: Brenda Findley, and last, but not least, Royal Pain in the Ass: Bill Leahy. We are grateful to the candidates (for agreeing to harass citizens for money in the name of fame and glory) and to everyone who contributed to the contestants. All of the fun netted the S&FMA Endowment $1,100! Everyone got the Royal Treatment, that is, the Hat/Crown wanted, so the realm is happy.

Endowment Grants

The S&FMA Endowment notice for grant applications was posted via SFMA Community on November 18, 2014. In response to submissions we are proud to announce the following Endowment Grants:

  • To the SFMA Band: Up to $450 for new drum heads with SFMA insignia and drum repair. Grant request submitted by Katherine Chestnut-Klang.
  • To Vickery Creek Middle School Band Program: $500 to purchase sheet music for 250 students to expand the school’s selection of band music. Grant request submitted by Patrick Doyle.

Naughty Bits Calendars

2015 Naughty Bits Calendars are now on display in offices, kitchens and closets everywhere. If you missed out on getting your calendar with a photo each month of your favorite band members decked out in accessories (only), it is not too late. Contact any Board Member during rehearsals or Jane Monahan at monahanj52@gmail.com to coordinate payment and delivery.

Power-2 Give Grant Activity

The S&FMA Endowment has received the matching grant of $3,250 from the City of Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs’ Power-2-Give Project. We are so proud of the SFMA Community for raising the initial $3,250 making us eligible for our maximum match. As a result of this award, the Endowment is working with the SFMA and the community to identify opportunities to promote instrumental music & theatre to elementary school age children. The Endowment has already supported one event with Mary Lin Elementary. If you have ideas or information for other ways the Band can support Elementary School music in the City of Atlanta, please contact any one of the Endowment Board Members.


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