2018-2019 Band Council

Donna SFMA The Mouth Donna Weber
Band Manager
The Bookie Patricia Pichardo
Booking and Scheduling
 Jane SFMA Scrooge Jane Monahan
All Matters Financial
Karen Parker Broom Headshot Roster-Meister Karen Parker
Membership Questions
Scribbles Liz Weiler


2018 Appointed Positions

Semi-Conductor Paige McKay Kubik Music Director
Chris Haugh MSC Chair Chris Haugh
Music Selection
 Amy Beatty 1 Fool of Sheets Amy Beatty Music Librarian
Fool of Sheets Sam Garafalo Music Librarian
Fool of Sheets Chris Rakine Music Librarian
Fool of Sheets Pascale Wortley Music Librarian
Linda SFMA Merchant of the Abominable Linda Dahlgren

2018 Broom Closet

Amy Beatty 1 Broom Closet Amy Beatty  Broom
Broom Closet David Bachman  Broom
Charles SFMA 2 Broom Closet Charles Bohanan  Broom
Sharon Braunstein Headshot Broom Closet Sharon Braunstein  Broom
  Broom Closet Alicia Cardillo  Broom
Rhonda Fox Headshot Broom Closet Ronda Fox Broom
Broom Closet Colleen Goidel  Broom
Rich Godiel Headshot Broom Closet Rich Goidel Broom
Broom Closet Jenny Macleod  Whisk
Broom Closet Paige McKay Kubik Broom
Karen Parker Broom Headshot Broom Closet Karen Parker Broom
Broom Closet Patricia Pichardo Broom
Broom Closet Jon Swope  Whisk
Broom Closet Alan Taylor  Broom
Laura Willard Headshot Broom Closet Laura Willard  Broom