Getting There

It’s Adventure Time!!! Let’s head to Charleston!

Pull that GPS out and pull in the address of your choice! Kickin’ old school? See below for directions.
(Click Destination Name for Google Maps)

Directions To Charleston

  • Ride I-20 East to South Carolina
  • Watch for these speed traps: The area of I-20 about 25 miles before Augusta to just outside of Augusta is notorious for speed traps. There’s also a lot construction in that area. A new over-pass is going up to feed traffic around Augusta and traffic slows to a literal crawl.
    • Additional speed traps are on I-26 south of Monck’s Corner.
  • Take the I-26 East exit through Columbia
  • Merge on I-26 East towards Airport/Charleston.
  • Take the Meeting Street/Vistor’s Center exit
  • Right on Meeting Street.
  • Go Straight pass the Vistor’s Center and Marion Square
  • Plug in the above address to head where you are staying for the weekend. Get ready for your weekend of adventure.

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