Thank You!

A Message from your Mouth

My Dearest Abominable,
This year I was incredibly lucky to have dinner with Kelly Morris, our founder. During which he told me the name Seed & Feed came from both an ad in a newspaper and also to capture the idea of Seeding new friendships and Feeding old ones. I’ve carried that in my heart ever since and I hope you keep it in mind this weekend.. As this 43rd season closes I am humbled and awed by your continued brilliance and enthusiasm. Your boundless creativity never ceases to amaze me. The past 2 years of serving as your Mouth have been my absolute honor. Thank you all for all of your continued efforts to make the band so beautiful. New members – thank you for joining this quirky, wonderful tribe. Council – thank you for your tireless work. Thank you all for showing up and creating endless joy for our audiences. I am so excited to serve as your Mouth again next September. I cannot wait to celebrate the end of the season with all of you at Spoleto. Thank you all for Being The Band!
Donna Weber

A Message from you Semi-Conductor

Dearest Abominable,
Another season closes. I am so very appreciative of all of you who made the time to make music with S&FMA. This season, even more than others, I feel especially fortunate to be your semi. Thank you all for efforts with the band, both musical and no. Take care of one another and have a wonderful off-season. I’ll miss you all.
Abominably yours,
Patrick Doyle

A Huge Thank You to the 2016-2017 Council!
We are so grateful for your leadership and willingness to go above and beyond for the band.

Donna Weber – Mouth
Alex Poznanski – Scribbles
Jane Monahan – Scrooge
Amy Beatty – Bookie
Liz Weiler – Scribbles
Chris Haugh – Rostermeister

Thank you to all of our 2017 Appointed Volunteers
Band doesn’t happen without the people who are willing and able to put time and effort into it.
Please take a moment to thank the people who kept this machine well-oiled and running for us during this 43rd season.

Patrick Doyle – Semi-Conductor
Chris Haugh– MSC Chair
Linda Dahlgren – Merchant of the Abominable
Fern Garber – Queen Despicable
Patricia Pichardo – Spoleto Czar
Donna Weber – Abominaball Chair
Fools of Sheets – Amy Beatty, Sam Garafalo, Chris Haugh, Pascale Wortley

Broom Closet
David Bachman
Amy Beatty
Charles Bohanan
Sharon Braunstein
Alicia Cardillo
Patrick Doyle
Ronda Fox
Colleen Goidel
Rich Goidel
Paige McKay Kubik
Karen Parker
Patricia Pichardo
Alex Poznanskii
Alan Taylor
Laura Willard

S&FMA Endowment Board
Steve Bonacci
Charles Bohanan
Alicia Cardillo
Brenda Findley
Neil Gluckman
Wendy Gluckman
Mary Kay Kreisle
Ray Macon
Jack Regan
Larry Smith

Photography – Alan Sandercock, Donna Weber, Steve Allen
Social Media – Donna Weber
Webmasters – Ben Klang/Donna Weber
Historians – Charles Bohanan, Angela Carrington, Laura Willard, Lisa Vox