Days Inn

Are you staying at the Days Inn? Hooray! 
The following are frequently asked questions about your stay the Days Inn. If you have any other questions please let Patricia or Donna know.

  • Where and when do I check in/check out?

Check-in on Friday (we’ve been staying here for years) starting at 3pm. 155 Meeting Street. See Getting There for directions. You, and the band, have paid for your stay but you will be asked to provide a credit card for incidentals (phone calls, etc.) You will be expected to tip your maids and we suggest at least $1-2 per day, per person (we make them work so be generous). The hotel lobby is located on the left driveway. The staff is wonderful and loves us. Please be kind to them. Room assignments were requested and Kelly (the manager is trying to make sure we get the requested rooms but unfortunately assignments are not guaranteed.)

Everyone must check out by 11am Monday, May 29th

  • Where do I park?

There is LOTS of parking at the Days Inn but they ask that we only have one car per room. You have pre- paid for parking. If you end up needing to drive any additional cars, please let us know as soon as possible. In the event they run out of parking at the Days Inn, they will provide vouchers for the parking garage across the alley. Charleston is a pedestrian friendly city and all gigs are walkable.

  • What’s in the hotel room?

Each hotel room has 2 double beds or king bed depending on what you requested with a combo mini-fridge and coffee maker. There is one full bathroom with a hair dryer and towels. There is wi-fi and you will be provided the password when you check in. There is also an ice maker and soda machine on each floor. The maids come each day to make the beds and provide fresh towels. For the most part, expect to have all the amenities you would expect at a hotel.

  • Is there a pool?

Hell Yes! CANNONBALL!!! Many an Abom has recovered from the performances by playing in the pool.


  • No smoking in the rooms.
  • Pets are allowed with previous arrangements.
  • You may hang lights and decorations in and outside of your rooms. You are not allowed to use duct tape, glue guns, electrical tape or any other destructive adhesives, nails or tacks. You man use sensitive tape such as painters tape or zip ties.
  • You may put your names and photos on your door and windows as long as you remove the tape and leave no damage. USE SENSITIVE TAPE.
  • Please leave confetti at home as our Spoleto organizers have asked us to not bring it to any gigs.

You will be held individually responsible for any damage.