What to Pack

Like any big trip, there’s a lot of things to remember. Check out the list below to help you remember to pack everything you might need. Note: If you’re staying at the College of Charleston you have a bit more to remember! 

Don’t Forget

□ Instrument (Don’t laugh. It HAS happened!)–mouthpiece, reeds, lyre, carrier, sticks, mallets!

□ Sheet Music & Flip Folder

□ Lights for the Pajama March

□ Costumes and hats

Costume Themes

Family Day – Fruity Floral/Tacky Tourist

Pajama March – Pajamas/Lights

Patriotic Performance – Red, White & Blue

□ Clothes – especially band logos

□ Water Carriers/Bottles

□ Sunglasses think fun but don’t discount UV protection

□ Swim Suit/Pool and Beach attire

□ Sunscreen

□ Bug Repellent

□ Soap, shampoo, razor, deodorant, toiletries (You’ll be sweating – so smellgood)

□ Lady Provisions

□ Cell Phone, charger, portable charger

□ Government Form of ID – in case anyone asks

□ Cash/Credit Cards (let your bank knowyou’re traveling)

□ Food/Snacks

□ Liquid refreshments (alcohol optional)

□ Ways to keep cool – cooling towels, mini battery operated fans, hand fans

□ Optional Kitchen Comforts (coffeemaker, can/bottle/wine opener, etc.)

□ Microwavable dishes

□ Plates, bowls, cups, utensils, napkins, paper towels

□ Music Players/Speakers

□ Guitars or acoustic instruments

□ Camera, batteries, SD card, charger

□ Batteries for your lights

□ Beach/Camping Chairs to hang out

□ Flashlight for the beach if you’re staying

□ Rain Jacket/Poncho/Umbrella/Rain shoes

□ Lighter/Matches

Staying at the College of Charleston?

There’s an old adage “ain’t nothing in life that’s free?” Those cheap accommodations at the college come with a bit of extra planning. Here’s your packing list for the dorm.

□ Bedding/linens – Bring Full-sized Sheets for dorm mattresses.

□ Pillows

□ Blankets

□ Toilet Paper

□ Garbage Bags

□ Towels, washcloths, hand towels, matt or rug for shower

□ Hangers

□ Beach chairs and/or chair for hanging out

□ Optional Kitchen Comforts (coffee maker, can/bottle opener, pots and pans)

□ Microwavable plates, bowls, cups, utensils, paper towels

□ Laundry and Dish Detergent

□ Alarm Clock

□ Room decor if you would like to make it homey – no permanent decorations, drilling or residue tape etc

□ Mattress pad to make your mattress softer