College of Charleston

Are you staying in the Dorms? That’s so exciting! The following are frequently asked questions about your stay the College of Charleston. If you have any other questions please let Barb know.

  • Where do I check in/out?

Check-in on Friday May 24 (beginning at 11 am) at the College Lodge (159 Calhoun Street, Charleston, SC 29401). Your reservation is under your name and Seed & Feed Marching Abominable. See Getting There for directions. The band has paid for the rooms as a lump sum. Any charges damage to your room you will be responsible for paying the band back. Check out is on May 27th by 12 pm. We will be staying in the College Lodge Dorms. You will also get all these details on upon check in. You’ll receive your key and parking pass on check in.

  • Where do I park?

Your parking pass is only valid in the WP Lot (a surface lot located at Warren Place; Warren St. between St. Phillip and King). There is a small unloading zone next to College Lodge where you can UNLOAD. We will have “Bellhops” to help move your goodies into the student lounge right inside the dorm. If you have not turned in your parking form to Patricia you will not have a parking permit. Charleston is a pedestrian friendly city and all gigs are walkable. You will receive your parking pass at check in.

  • What is my room like?

Your room is so fancy pants! Each room has two twin x-long beds, a free-standing wardrobe, dressers and desks. Linens are not provided. Please see the What to Bring page for the list of everything you might want to bring with you. The room has a microwave and a small mini refrigerator.

  • I’m sharing a room with someone else. Will we have multiple keys?

Sorry no. For each room you will be issued one key to access the building, suite and room. Do NOT misplace this key. It will cost you $75 to replace. Ask yourself at night. Do I know where my roommate is?

  • Is there a maid or house keeping?

You! You’re the house keeper! You are our house keeping! Thank you in advance for helping keep things clean, taking out your own trash and helping keep the common areas clean. There are garbage cans everywhere so please clean up trash when you see it.

  • How do I check out?

There is key drop slot as you exit the dorms. Through out the weekend we will point it out to you. You can drop your key and key fob in the slot to check out. If you do not return your key it is a $65 fee and if you do not return your key fob it is a $15 fee. Be sure to return it as you check out.

Rules of the Dorms

  • No smoking in the rooms.
  • Be aware that there are cameras in the common areas. We are guests of the College so please be conscious of this.
  • You may hang lights and decorations in and outside of your rooms. You are not allowed to use duct tape, glue guns, electrical tape or any other destructive adhesives, nails or tacks. You may use sensitive tape such as painters tape or zip ties.
  • You may put your names and photos on your door and windows as long as you remove the tape and leave no damage. USE SENSITIVE TAPE.
  • Please leave confetti at home as our Spoleto organizers have asked us to not bring it to any gigs.

If you have any questions, please chat with your Spoleto Czar – Barb Agar-Jones who you can email at