Spoleto Band Wisdom

  • Read the Abominabilties and share them with anyone coming with you, they work best when we all know and follow them.
  • Wear your band shirt EVERYWHERE! Be the star your momma always knew you are!
  • Don’t forget to pack your instrument and music. Check the packlist for other good things to bring.
  • HYDRATE. Take care of your body. Take care of the people with you. Don’t assume your friend isn’t feeling well because they are hungover. Assume positive intent and watch out for each other. Be The Band!
  • Wear sunblock, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat. Skin cancer and cataracts seek the unprotected.
  • Cover your naughty bits. Every gig is a family event.
  • Eat healthy food and hydrate with clear non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Yell “Horse!” if you see a horse (elephant, approaching emergency vehicle, or horse-drawn carriage) while the band is playing. “Horse” is not just for horses anymore. It’s the band’s code for an urgent need to stop playing and drumming immediately. Make sure those around you stop playing immediately, pass the word, and pay attention to the situation.
  • If you start to feel light-headed or you get a headache, stop performing and find a seat in a shady area. If you’re not feeling well, don’t be a warrior. Admit this to a friend. If your friend admits this to you, stop playing and help them.
  • Wear comfortable shoes unless you’re Drumbabe. Your feet asked us to remind you to please do this.
  • Bring a water bottle. Hydration is your key to success. We WILL have water carriers but it’s difficult to drink enough that way. Your best bet is to bring your own water and use the band’s provided water only as a backup. The combination of exercise and Charleston heat will cause you to lose more water than your body normally does.
  • We love our Incorrigibles and want to keep them safe, so please be advised any minor in attendance with the S&FMA during a band activity or performance must be accompanied by, and be under the acknowledged direct care and control of, a parent or willing band member at all times.
  • Stay on the sidewalks and follow traffic laws as we march to and fro. The City of Charleston generously agrees that we do not need parade permits as long as we promise to follow these simple requests. Note playing on the streets of Charleston without a permit is a serious arrestable/fineable offense. You wouldn’t want your guests to break your house rules, don’t break theirs.
  • Follow your brooms wherever they may lead. While we all enjoy a bit of freedom and individuality in this band, our performances work best when (whether we do or not) we look like we know what we are doing. Communication is important! Let your broom lead you.
  • Stay in groups. Do NOT walk through Charleston alone at night.
  • Hydrate. No really. We can’t stress this enough. Drink water.
  • Learn from others mistakes and don’t end your trip in the ER.
  • Above all – Have fun! Spoleto is an incredible and amazing weekend! Enjoy yourself!

If you have any questions, please chat with your Spoleto Czar – Barb Agar-Jones who you can email at spoleto@seedandfeed.org.