Spoleto Gig Info

Are you asking yourself where do I need to be and when? Below you’ll find all the info on the three performances this weekend! Follow the Playlist link for the playlists for the gigs. Questions? Chat with Brooms Patricia Pichardo, Paige McKay Kubik and Charles Jackson Fairchild.

Family Day at Marion Square

Saturday May 25th
1:30 pm at the Marion Square, Charleston, SC
Costume:  Anniversary colors. Sapphire and happiness and rainbows!
Broom:  Charles Jackson Fairchild
Incorrigibles: Welcome

Muster Info

12:45 pm: Muster in front of the College Lodge
1:00 pm: Marion Square at Meeting St & Calhoon Street.
1:30 pm: Step Off – Music Playing Time! We will parade through the festival and do one or more standstills. Follow your broom!


Stand Still #1

      • Buckjump
      • Peter Gunn
      • Watermelon Man
      • Tear the Roof Off

Standstill #2

      • Pump It – When we do the flute hoops, we will enter concert formation
      • Mustang Sally
      • Crazy Little Thing Called Love
      • Sing, Sing Sing

In Reserve

      • Big Noise
      • When The Saints

Pajama March 

Saturday May 25th
11:00 pm at the Custom House Steps
Costume: PJ’s, night, lights, sparkle, music lights! Keep your naughty bits covered!
Broom: Patricia Pichardo

Muster Info

10:00 pm: CoC Muster in front of the College Lodge
10:30 pm: Muster Daughters of the Confederacy Hall (corner of Meeting & Market Streets) for warm up
10:45 pm: Step off with stick cadence to US Custom House.
11:00 pm: Music Playing Time with Pajama Madness and Drum Jam 2019 until promptly at midnight. Noise ordinances for the win! Don’t play after you are told to stop. Listen to your Broom


    • Some Nights
    • Crazy Train
    • Creep Show
    • Bohemian Rhapsody – Sax Feature
    • Malaguena
    • Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    • Game of Thrones
    • Star Wars
    • Old Town Road – Small Ensemble
    • My Shot
    • Proud Mary
    • Raise Your Glass
    • Royals/Shake a Tail Feather (this might be swapped for Gimme Some Lovin)
    • Stripper
    • Big Noise
    • Sing
    • Soul Bossa Nova Into Drum Jam
    • Ya Move Ya Lose

Patriotic Salute

Sunday May 26th
12:00 pm at the Custom House Steps
Costume: Red, White and Blue with Sparkles extreme!
Broom: Paige McKay Kubik

Muster Info

11:15 am: CoC Muster in front of the College Lodge
11:30 am: Muster at the Daughters of the Confederacy (corner of Meeting & Market Streets) for warm up
11:45 am: Step off with stick cadence to US Custom House
12:00 pm: Proceed with Patriotic Concert

It will be hot, it will be emotive, you will still be able to hear the echo from last night! Stay after for the passing of the Muff, pictures on the steps then cool off/eat, relax and then head to the beach that afternoon!!!


    • Star Spangled Banner
    • Malaguena
    • Georgia
    • What’d I Say
    • I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing – Clarinet Feature
    • My Shot
    • Brooklyn
    • Divisionary, sung by the HEART choir
    • Armed Forces Salute
    • Amazing Grace – Bagpipe Feature
    • Big Noise
    • Sweet Home Chicago
    • Rolling in the Deep
    • Saints
    • Old Time Road – Small Ensemble
    • Children of Sanchez
    • America
    • Stars & Stripes
    • Encore: Zoot Suit and/or Sing

BandAides Needed!!

To make this weekend a success we are in need of BandAides (friends, family, spouses, Tindr dates) to volunteer with duties. We would love their help with passing out water, pulling the water wagon, passing out postcards, etc. Interested? Please talk to Barb at spoleto@seedandfeed.org.

If you have any questions, please chat with your Spoleto Czar – Barb Agar-Jones who you can email at spoleto@seedandfeed.org.