Thank You!

A Message from your Mouth

Dearest Abominable,
Happy Spoleto! Happy 45th Anniversary! Happy everything! Each and every one of you are absolutely incredible. I am so grateful to have served as your Mouth for the past four seasons. It has been one of the greatest joys of my life and I will always be proud of the work we have accomplished together. Thanks to your enthusiasm and joy – we have grown to over 200 active members and we saw a beautiful sea of blue at Inman Park Festival and we have accomplished over 45 gigs this season alone. You amaze me with your willingness to show up and be present in all we do. I hope you take a moment during Spoleto to reflect over the amazing year we had together. Thank you to Jane, Karen, Patricia and Liz for agreeing to serve this past year with me. I am honored to have served on Council with the best of the best. As the Muff gets passed to your new Mouth at the end of the season, I’m looking forward supporting them the way you supported me.

I look forward to raising a glass with all of you at Spoleto this year! I hope you enjoy an wonderful and safe trip to Charleston and a restful summer. I can’t wait to see y’all on August 27th, 2019!
Abominably yours,
Donna Weber

A Message from your Semi-Conductor

My Dear Seed & Feed Tribe,
It has been a joy and an honor to serve as your Semi-Conductor during the 45th season of this warm, wacky, wonderful band. From our weekly music therapy sessions together at rehearsal to performances that knocked the socks off audiences (Super Bowl! Charlotte Thanksgiving! Inman Park #45! And so many more!), you have constantly amazed me with your talent and energized me with your support. Thank you for your gregarious spirit that makes this whole venture so much darn fun, and for the brainstorming, insight, and creativity you’ve shared that have made our music sparkle and our schtick dazzle. What a team we are! Enjoy a spectacular Spoleto and a fabulous summer!
Abominably yours,
Paige McKay Kubik

A Huge Thank You to the 2018-2019 Council!

Dearest Council! Thank you so much for your incredible work over the past season.
Thank you for leading the band!

Mouth – Donna Weber
Scrooge – Jane Monahan
Bookie – Patricia Pichardo
Scribbles – Liz Weiler
Rostermeister – Karen Parker

Thank you to all of our 2019 Appointed Volunteers
Band doesn’t happen without the people who are willing and able to put time and effort into it. Please take a moment to thank the people who kept this machine well-oiled and running for us during this 45rd season.

Semi-Conductor – Paige McKay Kubik
MSC Chair – Robert Elliott
Merchants of the Abominable – Mana Swope, Linda Dahlgren, Mischelle Curtin
Queen Despicables – Debra Turner & Joann Cebulski
Spoleto Czar – Barb Agar-Jones
45th Anniversary Chair – Donna Weber
45th Anniversary Committee – Barb Agar-Jones, Katie Askue, Linda Dahlgren, Paige McKay Kubik, Jenny Grollman, and Patricia Pichardo
Fools of Sheets – Chris Haugh, Pascale Wortley, Amy Beatty

Broom Closet
David Bachman
Amy Beatty
Charles Bohanan
Sharon Braunstein
Alicia Cardillo
Charles Jackson Fairchild
Ronda Fox
Mary Kay Kreisle
Paige McKay Kubik
Jennifer Macleod
Karen Parker
Patricia Pichardo
Connie Pike
Julie Sammons
Jon Swope
Laura Willard

S&FMA Endowment Board
Mikki Betker
Steve Bonacci
Alicia Cardillo
Joann Cebulski
Chris Haugh
Mary Kay Kreisle
Ray Macon
Tracy McGill
Cheryl Stauss

Photography – Alan Sandercock, Donna Weber, Steve Allen,
Charles Jackson Fairchild
Social Media – Donna Weber, Chip Fincher, Barb Agar-Jones, Charles Fairchild, Patricia Pichardo, Amy Beatty, Lisa Vox
Website – Donna Weber & Ben Klang
Historians – Lisa Vox, Charles Bohanan, Angela Carrington, and
Laura Willard

If you have any questions, please chat with your Spoleto Czar – Barb Agar-Jones who you can email at