S&FMA Endowment

Support The Band!

In 1999, the S&FMA Endowment was established to promote the Band’s long-term preservation by providing reliable supplemental income to cover Band operational costs. Donations to the Endowment help ensure the Band continues to have the opportunity to play the charitable, non-paying community venues that are the heart and soul of the S&FMA.  The Endowment also strives “to educate the public, and particularly aspiring musicians, in the art forms of marching band music, including, but not limited to, the promotion, demonstration and performance of such art forms in schools, at public events, and where people gather to enjoy music.”  In this way, the Endowment serves as connection between the Band and the broader community. The Endowment raises funds throughout the year through individual donations, grants, raffles and various other giving campaigns.

For more information on how to give to the Endowment, please visit www.seedandfeedendowment.org.