What is Stampede?

Stampede is a batucada-style drum ensemble composed of members of the Seed and Feed Marching Abominable. Stampede was born during the lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic in October 2020 because although the full band could not play its wind instruments, percussionists could play while properly masked and distanced.

Batucada is a percussive style featuring fast, repetitive rhythms whose origins trace to Brazil and Africa. The music features samba, cumbia and other rhythms and is representative of multiple Latin American countries. The band members hired an instructor from Colombia to teach them the rhythms. Many of the band members had never played drums before forming the ensemble.

In addition to the catchy rhythms, the band features a choreographed presentation that results in a visual as well as musical art form. 

The band also educates its audience on batucada’s rhythms and instrumentation. The instruments used in the performance include four different types of drums, as well as chocalho (a shaker similar to a tambourine) and agogô bells.

Stampede sometimes plays during breaks at appearances where the full Seed and Feed band performs. But it also performs on its own, recently playing at halftime of an Emory University men’s basketball game.

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